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In the context of this DISCLOSURE, Health Rocketer is defined to mean HealthRocketer.com, this website (that may be redirected to from different domain names, or other websites), any directly related website(s) (e.g. its social media sites) and HealthRocketer.com owner(s).

“Our” and “We” are defined to mean HealthRocketer.com.

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“You” and “Your” are defined to mean users, listeners, and visitor to our website, who may make a purchase via our affiliate links.


We are extremely happy and privileged to be of service to you by providing mentions on many popular natural health products at HealthRocketer.com FREE of charge. In order to do this, we mention carefully selected products from a number of trusted Affiliate Partners such as Amazon, ClickBank, eBay, and other top Affiliate Networks Partners. Please note that when you click links and purchase items, we may receive referral commission. Your support in purchasing through these links enable us to keep delivering HealthRocketer.com for FREE. More importantly, you will not pay more when buying a product through our affiliate links. In fact, we are often able to negotiate a lower cost (or FREE Bonus(es)) not available elsewhere. Plus, when you purchase through our affiliate links, it helps us to continue to produce and offer you an increasing number of FREE products (e.g. E-Books, Training Videos, Software etc.). Furthermore, our combination of Affiliate Products and Services mentioned are reviewed with the primary goal of helping your get high quality and cost-effective purchases that remove tedious buying decisions, and research that can otherwise cost you more in terms of money and time. Thank you, in advance for your support! Please continue to support us in our quest to provide you excellent value in terms of educational health content.

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